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ODL Program Mission and Description

The mission of the MS ODL program is to prepare leaders in the art and science of leading organizational change. The program focuses on creating graduates who possess essential competencies and skill sets for improving organization performance and realizing human potential. Leaders with this perspective are more successful at achieving their organizational and personal goals, more effective at leading and influencing successful change, and more satisfied with their careers.

The ODL program uses a unique combination of organizational theory and individual self-discovery to provide an essential leadership perspective. The program prepares students to better understand business and organizations as dynamic systems. This focus on the leader’s own development and an understanding of the organization as a system, happens with the application of theory and models to the student's every-day work experience. The focus is on the application and usefulness of theory in expanding the student's natural leadership approach.

The ODL program applies strategic organizational models and methods to understand and improve workplace culture and productivity. Using assessments, planned interventions, action research and project management, the skills of the ODL graduate can help large and small organizations or departments to demonstrate improvements in leadership, decision-making, planning, conflict resolution, control and productivity.

Unlike the finance orientation of MBA programs, the MS ODL focus is on the student’s skill development, human relations and field theory. Students learn how people become instruments of change and how strategic plans become effective when their own development and how they use themselves as a leader of change are incorporated.


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