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Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Organizational Development & Leadership (CAGS-ODL)

Collaborative Learning

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Organizational Development & Leadership (CAGS-ODL), offered at both Philadelphia and Georgia campuses, provides graduate-level applied behavioral sciences coursework in organizational development & leadership to individuals seeking to enhance their competency as leader practitioners in diverse sectors, disciplines and organization settings. CAGS applicants from non-PCOM programs are eligible for the CAGS-ODL program if they possess a master’s degree in any discipline. PCOM MS-ODL and MS-Mental Health Counseling students may enroll in the CAGS program while completing the MS degree.

CAGS courses in ODL may not be used to take the licensure exam that leads to a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential in Pennsylvania. The LPC credential is only available to those candidates who meet the CAGS Mental Health Counseling criteria. Candidates are responsible for confirming licensure requirements of the state in which they intend to practice. CAGS candidates seeking a combination of ODL courses and the LPC credential may be required to take more than four CAGS courses to meet their professional counseling licensure requirements.  For further clarification, a discussion with the CAGS Directors is required.

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ODL Competencies

How to Apply

Curriculum for CAGS-ODL

ODL Courses
ODL 501
Foundations and Systems of Organizational Development
ODL 508
Leadership for Practitioners
ODL 516
Developing Systems Literacy: The Organization Workshop
ODL 520
Appreciative Inquiry
ODL 522
Leader as Meeting Designer and Facilitator
ODL 524
Coaching Skills for Leaders
ODL 525
Consulting Skills for Community Engagement
ODL 530
Special Topics in ODL

The ODL Program Director will consider other course options for candidates based on the needs and interests of the candidates.


Last Updated: 12/12/14