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MS, Organizational Development and Leadership

The Organizational Development & Leadership program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is offered through the Psychology Department. The Psychology Department offers students an integrated, competency-based curriculum specific to each program. Internationally renowned, caring and committed faculty mentor PCOM students, guiding them through the practitioner-scholar training model and encouraging life-long learning in the field of psychology as it relates to organizational development, leadership and change. To learn more about the Psychology Department’s philosophy and mission, read our Chairman’s welcome.
Organizations are ever-changing, dynamic systems, each with a unique culture and philosophy. Thriving companies have leaders who understand people and their inherent behaviors within these systems. They know how to apply solutions to enhance overall corporate climate. They possess highly developed skills to guide, motivate and create models for exceptional human performance and productivity.

Graduates of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Master of Science degree in Organizational Development & Leadership are in the forefront of organizational change and are making a difference in their workplaces.

Those wishing to strengthen their skills and become world-class leaders, develop the capacity to improve organizational performance and realize human potential are excellent candidates for the program. Designed for the working professional, evening courses are accessible and convenient. Students explore and share practical information in a learning environment built on trust and collaboration. They make their way through this journey of self discovery working and learning at their own pace. Caring, hands-on faculty, all of whom have expertise in organizational and change management, share current, real-world scenarios so students apply what was learned in class directly into their workplace environments. Graduates advance their careers, have more influence in leading organizational change and become more effective and satisfied in both their personal and professional lives.

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Click on the video to hear more about PCOM's Organizational Development & Leadership program from Lauri-Ann Plante.




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