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Forensic Medicine Programs

The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) is honored to offer the only forensic medicine program in the region that was developed and is overseen by a board-certified forensic pathologist. The forensic medicine programs focus on the evaluation of live and deceased victims. With courses taught by leading experts currently in the field, students learn first-hand about the vast field of forensic medicine. Our programs welcome and train both newcomers to and professionals currently in forensic medicine, preparing them for a variety of rewarding careers in the field.

Various topics in forensic medicine will be taught including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Forensic pathology
  • Forensic anthropology (identification & investigation of human remains)
  • Forensic odontology (dental evidence)
  • Forensic entomology (insect evidence)
  • Ballistics, fingerprint, crime scene & blood spatter analysis
  • Hate crimes
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Toxicology
  • DNA
  • Arson & fire investigation
  • Evaluation of the sexual assault victim



Some highlights of the forensic medicine programs include:


  • Mock crime scene scenarios & field exercises
  • Classes devoted to accident reconstruction, criminalistics, anthropology and research and law
  • A low student-to-instructor ratio
  • Convenient weekend classes
  • A Pathway Program for non-science background applicants



Pathway Program
The Pathway Program designed for non-science majors who are interested in forensic medicine and who possess a bachelor’s degree in a forensic-related field to receive the necessary preparation to enter the MS in Forensic Medicine degree program. Courses for the Pathway Program are offered 100 percent online. Learn more about the Pathway Program.

MS in Forensic Medicine
The Master of Science (MS) in Forensic Medicine degree program provides students with a baseline of analytic and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the challenges of forensic medicine. Learn more about the MS in Forensic Medicine.

MS in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in forensic medicine
Students enrolled in the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences degree program may pursue a concentration in forensic medicine. Learn more about the MS in Biomedical Sciences.

DO/MS Forensic Medicine dual degree program
For students enrolled in the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree program, the DO/MS dual degree program provides a core foundation in the theory, principles, ethics, professional practice and legal aspects of forensic medicine. Learn more about the DO/MS dual degree.

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to email (GregoryMcD@pcom.edu) the Program Director, Dr. Gregory McDonald, or call 215-871-6796.

Hear more about PCOM's Forensic Medicine program from Stacy Scott. Click on the video to hear a welcome message from Dr. Greg McDonald.


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